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Progress Update (20150716)

Just a quick update to let you know why I haven’t posted anything new about the game in a while: I needed a break from this project while I rethink some things about the design so I decided to work on a different, and simpler, game project I’ve been wanting to make for some time. I’ll get back to High Entropy as soon as possible but this new project is going quite well and I’m I quite excited about it, so for now I’m going to keep working on it (and, hopefully, I’ll soon have something interesting to show).

Progress Update (20150327)

This month I’ve been updating the game’s project to the new version of the engine I’m using, Unity 5. I thought I would need to fix many things to make it work after upgrading, given that this version of Unity introduces changes to the way some things work, but it has been a smooth transition overall, I think I now have everything working as it was before. And the great thing about using this new version is that I now can use some features previously only available on the pro version, like dynamic shadows, post-processing effects, a profiler… I’m still learning about them and how to use them but I’m sure they’ll help me make the game run and look better. For example, I’ve started making a night vision effect, which is something I always wanted:

Progress Update (20150224)

This month I don’t have anything interesting to show, I’ve mostly been working on the gameplay and level design of the game, rethinking the start of the story, the player’s goals and some game mechanics… I’m having some problems finding the best way to make everything fit in the way I want but hopefully I’ll figure it out soon and will be able to continue implementing the game itself.